There are two handouts per sheet.
  1. Print it,
  2. Cut it in half,
  3. Distribute it

Defenders wanted: The kangaroo defenders of the ACT are looking for people to help out with civil disobedience for this year's 'cull'. This work has no glory, there is no rescuing, no cuddles, none of the usual 'feel good' stuff that people are attracted to. The work is cold, can be boring due to endless waiting, sitting etc., and extremely frustrating. All work is done in the dark. But we do have GREAT camaraderie and team work, the stars are amazing (full on shooting stars for the next month or so - what a light show it is), the moon in all her glory and we get to see the wildlife (roos, foxes, owls, bats and so on as night time is their day time). This work is crucial. Bit-by-bit we are rattling cages and the recent criminalisation of this dissent (activists in court) is a prime example of the effect we are having. For more information and to make contact, follow Animal Liberation ACT on Facebook here, or get info from their website here.

The image file to the left can be used as a handout, in pamphleting or as a paste up. For straightforward instructions on how to do paste ups look here. There are two images per A4 page to save on paper, cut them in half and get started!