There is a digital viewing version and a printable booklet version. For the printable booklet

  1. Make sure the print option flips along short edge and is set to two sided printing. Then print,

  2. Fold in half, no arranging needed,

  3. Staple in the centre,

  4. Read, copy, distribute.

Security Culture is a 32 page black and white illustrated booklet with information on how to form habits that promote safety when organising and communicating in regards to direct action. All information in the booklet is credited to CrimethInc. Ex Workers Collective who have officially given the thumbs up to this project.

"For heaven’s sake, please distribute this lovely version of the booklet wherever you see fit, and never again ask us for permission before making use of our work." - CrimethInc.

It is strictly not for financial gain, please share as widely as you can. A printable booklet file and a digital viewing file are available.